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PRICE:  $75.00

In reviewing and re-evaluating my inventory, I had a very hard time finding this plate online.  I did find it on an auction site which listed a low value of $100 and a high value of $200.  It would appear to me that this plate is getting harder and harder to find.   This is a limited edition plate, only 1500 were made!  The number on this plate is 071 — very low!

This plate depicts Richard M. Nixon taking the oath of office for the second time!  It features an actual photograph taken at the time of his swearing-in.  This was put out by the United States Historical Society and made in Limoges, France.  This plate is in perfect condition – no chips or scratches.   If you’re into political memorabilia, this would be a great piece for your collection.  Please contact me if you are interested.  Thanks for looking!

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