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PRICE:  $48.00 USD

I went to a farmhouse yesterday out in the country.  The man who lives there was selling some of his mother’s very old household goods.  She died 16 years ago, but he was still really attached to these things.  One of the treasures I found is this great blue yellow ware bowl/pot with bale (bail?) handle.  I had a very difficult time identifying this piece and found only one similar on the internet.  That one was glazed inside and out.  My piece is only glazed on the inside – hence I call it “scarce”, but what do I know??  Based on the way the bottom is made, this one was made to go directly on a heat source, but I’m just guessing.  If anyone knows more about this piece, please let me know! Oh, and the handle is off on one side, but the wire is easy to replace!  The handle, itself, is in tact. You’ll be seeing more of my “yesterday” finds!  Some are really neat!  Please contact me if you’re interested !

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