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Price:  $25.00 USD

Okay, this cobalt blue bottle was made for our nation’s bicentennial celebration by the Chattanooga Glass Company.  This company was established in 1901 and originally made bottles for their own brewery.  The company soon began producing bottles for the infant Coca-Cola company which was established in 1899.  When prohibition hit, the company quit producing bottles for the beer and whiskey industry and concentrated on the soft drink bottle industry, becoming one of the chief producers of the “coke” bottle.  Credit for this historic information goes to “gussie195” who has one of these for sale on ebay!  Thanks, Gussie!  One side of the bottle shows a glassblower and the other is printed “First American Industry” “Glasshouse, Jamestown, VA 1608”  The bottom is signed with their company logo.  Please contact me if you want more information or are interested in purchasing it.  Thanks for looking!

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