PRICE:  $10.00 USD – OFFER

This is actually a postcard mailer containing 14 Plastichrome pictures of the High Desert.  The photographs are gorgeous!  My lousy photography doesn’t do them justice, and I didn’t take pictures of all of them.  This packet was intended to be a souvenir one could mail to someone at home. This piece is in excellent condition and would be a great addition to any postcard, desert, or California collection.  Based on the size of the mailer, I’m guessing it was made around 1960.  That’s when postcards were made 4″here in the states.  Please contact me if you are interested.  Thanks for looking!

postcards & pics 001 postcards & pics 003 postcards & pics 004 postcards & pics 005 postcards & pics 006 postcards & pics 007 postcards & pics 008 postcards & pics 009