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Price:  $20.00 USD EACH

Offering your choice of 4 Emmett Kelly, Jr.miniature figurines – all are from the Signature Collection, are in perfect condition with original boxes and certificates of authenticity.  They are:  “Balloons for Sale”; “Why Me?”; “The Thinker”; and “Wet Paint”.  Please see the pictures.  Buy all four and get a discount!!  Not familiar with Emmett Kelly?  Here’s some biographical info from Wikipedia:

It was not until 1960 (four years after his father retired from performing “Weary Willie” the clown) when Emmett, Jr., who had never been encouraged by his father, debuted himself as “Weary Willie” at the Circus Festival in Peru, Indiana. He was guided by their manager, Leonard Green, for the next four years. He toured a daredevil auto show called “Austin’s Motor Derby” during the night and would arrive just hours before the next show. In 1963, Emmett was the featured performer of the Hagen-Wallace Circus as they traveled nationwide. The elder Kelly was not happy with his son’s decision to play an almost identical character, although the latter claimed his version of Weary Willie was less sad, and the two were estranged for years.

In 1964, Eastman Kodak was looking for a suitable representative to appear at the company’s Pavilion during the New York World’s Fair. Emmett Kelly, Jr. met Eastman Kodak executives in their board room and impressed them with his mime performance. He was immediately signed and became one of the top attractions during the World’s Fair two-year run. Kodak was so pleased and impressed by Emmett’s success during The Fair, they asked him to become their touring Ambassador of Goodwill. This lasted for over four years during which Emmett visited thousands of towns and hospitals. It was during this six-year period that Emmett, Jr. became America’s most photographed and recognized clown. He spent approximately six months a year on tour throughout the country to promote various lines of merchandise, which bear his name and likeness

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