Kickin’ Ass

Kickin’ Ass Whirligig

Contrary donkey kickin' the farmer's butt! Single Mechanism. Free Shipping



Happy Hen


Happy Hen Whirligig

Non-mechanical. Swirles with the wind. Free Shipping



Who’s The Boss


Who’s The Boss Whirligig

Here's Mama chasing Papa with a broom! Single Mechanism (only Mama moves!) Free Shipping




Hen & Duck Mechanical


Hen & Duck Mechanical whirligig

Mechanics: Double mechanism: hen & duck alternately peck at their seed piles. Approximately 28″ long. Free shipping!






What a cutie!  Designed, cut and painted by hand.  Would look great on your fencepost or porch railing!

Only the propeller moves on this one and swerves with the wind!

I heart Farm Life whirligig

Wood whirligig, non-mechanical. hand made. Price includes Shipping. Huge savings if you pick it up at our farm!